Today I went over and had to enable the testing tree of debian.

This was actualy very easy, just adding the correct repository to the sources.list in /etc/ap. One little trouble with this was aptitude crushing with not enough memory. This i solved by add APT::Cache-Limit:26777216 to the apt config. I did this by (dirty ) add the line to the /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/70debconf file (i tried make a new file in the conf directory, but apt ignored my file).

Next was to run aptitude and update my packages. This took quiet some time since a big load of packages got updated, and i had to resolve some conflicts manualy. Actualy i just had to remove a obsolete package that hold a lot of other packages back.

As i was doing maintenance anyway i checked out uname -a to see what my kernel is. Big surprise, even if i had installed about 5 more recent kernes on my Harddisk, it seems i never actualy loaded those! So i headed over to /boot and linked vmlinuz and initrd.img to the most recent ones, run lilo and rebooted.

This was where all went bad. Somehow it didnt installed my lilo, and my system refused to boot. After about 10 reboots into the hetzner rescue system later, i finaly managed to install a working version of the kernel.But finaly i run a 2.26 linux kernel now.

One more problem was to install newest version of VMware. I needed to export a old gcc (4.1 instead 4.3) and ignore complaints about minor version differences. Some time in the future i need try run this shitty legacy server only running on windows with wine again, but guess what..their debian repository just went down today so im out of luck with this (Why don’t those big Software Vendors at least publish their old non-continued software under some open-to-use licence? so at least we could make it run on modern systems like linux,bsd instead need run emulations? Fuck you Adobe!).

Long talk, short outcome..all is back and running now. Yay me!

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