I worked a lot last months. Got me some $$. So I finaly decided to get myself a present. So here I am with my new iPhone.

It’s a nice device. Nice handling etc, as can be read on a lot places online. First thing to do is to jailbreak it. Easy done if one don’t cares about unlock the SIM. The usual tool to do so didn’t worked with my macBook, due to some weird stuff with the USB. Easy Solution: boot into Windows. Job done.

I got 2 Apllication installers then, Cydia and Installer. I use Cydia because its open source and has thousands of repositories out in the net. Most important was to get a useable way to access the System. Terminal is a nice app from Cydia that offers – drums – a Shell. For sure its limited. But it works, just be carefull with commands that dont finish in some cases (eg, don’t ping or if so, start in background!).

A easier way to access the iPhone is trough ssh.

First i setup my laptop to offer WLAN. To make Things easier, i just setup internet sharing on my WLAN. This way the iPhone can access the net too. Connect to it from the iPhones Settings app. Use ifconfig to find the IP. The usual setup of the network with connections haring should give the iPhone the same IP from now (at least if you connect it to the wlan frequently).

The only login available at this time is the root which has a preset password of alpine. Since this is a public and known default (note to my evil hacker self: Check out public hotspots at train Stations and alike for accessable iphones).

Using this, login to the iPhone. Note roots home Directory (pwd), its /var/root. Now this is a good place to start poke around with the iPhones internals. I will talk about this in a later Post. For now we setup the ssh login in a more convient way.

All my used User Accounts have a RSA-identity. I use those to allow key-based logins on all my computers. So first I go create one for my iPhone. The iPhone actualy has 2 users we need care about. root and one called mobile. For root we place the keys into /var/root/.ssh/, mobiles stuff goes to /var/mobile/.ssh. Adding all my computer public keys to the authorized_keys file for both accounts, and add the public keys of both accounts to all my computers. Now I can login from all my computers to the iPhone and reverse too.

I too have setup my home server to more easy open tunnels from extern. The iPhone was added too to my home-network (not the one from my laptop). I too setup my Gateway (the macMini Server) to enable easy tunneling to all internal hosts.

Since I installed FUSE on my Laptop, i now can access the iPhone trough sshfs, allow me to use the iPhone like any local harddisk.

Last step would be disable the password login on the root account on my iPhone, but first i want make a simple script to turn it on again, which i can run from the iPhone console in case of emergencies.

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