As posted before, swisscom wants me “update” to their new VDSL. Sounds fun, but is not.

So today I went out and buyed a new rotuer so i could chain those 2 and hide my LAN from swisscom. I got a WRT54GL. Its a nice device. Aside from be able to set about everything i ever thinked to set up (and even more i never thinked about), it comes too with IPSec, L2PT and PPTP VPN passtrough to let me easily build VPNs. The built in Firewall is nice..but i dont use it anyway. Another nice thing is the posibility to disable http interface and only use https (or even disable both if needed).

Well, the only drawback here is, i need setup my DNS-Server new.  But that i would need do anyway due to the new router from swisscom.

So lets rant a little bit more about swisscom…. Not only they want me change the pw on their site, but actualy the default pw doesnt work anymore since i plugged the modem in. I need go use my swisscom-login to even enable it! Problem here…i don’t have a swisscom login….And i am not up to make one just to access this device. Right now, i consider the Modem a device not mine. Its a swisscom part in my appartement (shoudl i ask for rent?). I wont do anything with this device (expect restart if needed….those swisscom modems are unstable like hell).

So my summary about this: Fuck off Swisscom. Kudos to Linksys/Cisco for this nice device.

Edit: another unfun thing about not be able to login to my router, i can’t check my speed, connection, and everything else!…damit. assholes! damn big brother! Is Sunrise doing the same shit? If not a change may be done soon.

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