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Remember my last post about those idiots at

Well, either this Mark Ishikawa is stupid or a bastard. Either way…i don’t like him.I got 3 more complaints by him today. 2 of them AGAIN for that Requiem for that Phantom movie!

That makes 4 notices about the same thing. Again, this is just spam. Nothing i will answer anymore. I was a cooperative guy till now. Not anymore. Go die Mr. Ishikawa. I will never talk to you again expect trough a Lawyer. And im looking forward to get the next notice about that requiem thing. Because then i finaly will go talk to hetzner about this spam. Maybe i can make them too ignore you? Why i just remembered the  story about peter and the wolf?

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Sowas sieht man nur Freitags im Heise Forum


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Those Bastards from send me a lot emails complaining about me torrenting their movies. Well, i don’t torrent anything on my server, its most likely a TOR-User.

I didn’t care much. Usualy i send a reply and tell them about TOR. Case closed. But today they made me really angry.

At 4.9.2009 i got a complained from

Mark Ishikawa
Chief Executive Officer Inc. – as an Authorized Agent of Media Factory, Inc.
PO Box 1314 – Los Gatos, CA 95031
Phone: 408-341-2305  Fax: 408-341-2399

Infringing File Name: [アニメ] Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~ #22 「激昴」 (TVO 1440×1080 [16:9] x264 AAC Chap).mp4

Nothing unusual. The unusal happened today. I got the SAME message again! Same Person (Mark Ishikawa), same movie. IF Those guys don’t read my mails, i dont read theirs anymore too! Until i get a excuse from This Ishikawa Guy.

Go To Hell Mediafactory.

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